Give Other Complex Assets

Charitable giving encompasses more than just cash donations. You may be able to attain a new level of giving you may not have considered possible through assets you already own. You can quickly and easily donate hard-to-value assets such as:

Gifts of Real Estate

  • Land
  • Personal Residence
  • Commercial Property

Other Real Property

  • Gifts of Business Interests
  • Closely Held Stock (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC)
  • Partnership Interests

Gifts of Personal Property

  • Artwork
  • Royalties, Copyrights, Patents
  • Valuable Collectibles

Other Complex Assets

  • Life Insurance Policies 
  • Retirement Plans
  • Oil and Gas Interests
  • Negotiable Instruments (such as notes receivable)

The Elves of Christmas Present Fund is administered by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. GKCCF manages over $2 Billion dollars in charitable funds for over 3300 organizations. They take care of the paperwork so we can focus on the children.

The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation is a tax-exempt 501©3 organization, so you will receive the maximum tax deduction allowed by law for your donation. You will also avoid capital gains tax, and you may be eligible to receive a lifetime income stream. GKCCF will look at each donation individually and create giving plans that maximize gifts to the Elves and provide bottom-line benefits to the donor.

With their expert staff of professionals, GKCCF will be happy to assist you in any way with your charitable giving to the Elves of Christmas Present.

Elves of Christmas Present Fund
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
1055 Broadway, Suite 130
Kansas City, MO. 64105