Melanie’s Miracle

“Where did this come from?” Melanie Monroe cried as her husband, Paul, wheeled her up the new ramp. Then her eyes followed the ramp. Her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh…Oh!…Oh! This…this is so wonderful….Is this really my house?” Tears. Tears of joy. Tears from months of pain. Tears from an accident that burned her  critically, […]

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Hunter’s Flight

Taking flight with Santa, a little boy soars above sorrow In the early weeks of December, there were good days for Hannah Saulsbury. Days when she could play like any other toddler. Days when she asked to have her fingernails painted with polish. Days when the 3 year-old didn’t feel the pain — the “owies,”

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The Tiny Envelope

A family in the midst of tragedy is reminded of the real meaning of Christmas Perry Bice turns off the van’s engine but remains behind the wheel. His shoulders begin racking with sobs. The van doors swing open and two children scramble out. “Why is my daddy crying?” asks 9-year-old Branson Bice. Parked in the

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Michael’s Mountains

Elves move mountains for a boy with a brain tumor There’s something about mountains, he told his mom. Michael McMahan, 10, kept asking about the colors of mountains: the blues, the browns, the purple majesties. He stared for hours at pictures of mountains. Why does a child growing up in Kansas obsess about mountains? A

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The Promise

An unfulfilled promise to his children is kept Josh Bailey used to daydream with his father about how theyʼd work together, fixing the upstairs of their house so the 10- year-old boy could have his own room. They started their planning a year ago in April, because their family was outgrowing their small house on

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Her Father’s Daughter

A girl leaves college to help her family, giving up her dreams… she thinks. Up until Christmas Eve, Kristen Aggeler had no idea how her family would raise the money to pay her father’s staggering medical bills. Her father was self-employed and has only a few thousand dollars in health insurance. Now, she doesn’t need

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